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CLESOL July 2014 ‘Connecting Across the Ditch’ workshop

July 7, 2014

This workshop is presented by Lesley Cioccarelli and myself on Friday 11th in the Teaching ESOL stream from 1040 to 1145am.

A screencast video of the Powerpoint will be added in this space AFTER the workshop.




Here is the handout from the workshop:
Connecting ‘Across the Ditch’ and Beyond

Take charge of your own professional development.


A workshop presented by Lesley Cioccarelli & Yvonne Hynson at CLESOL 2014

Why should you use the Internet to develop a PLN?

ž  To ‘meet’ teachers from around the world and exchange ideas with them.

ž  Keep up-to-date with all the latest developments in TESOL.

ž  Access an infinite pool of resources through links given by other teachers.

ž  Enter a virtual staffroom which is available 24/7 to get answers to questions or inspiration for lessons.

ž  Learn about webinars, conferences and other (free) online PD.


How can you use the internet to develop a PLN?

ž  Twitter                                                (

ž  Facebook                                (

ž  Linked-in                                (

ž  Google +                                  (

ž  aPLaNet                                  (

ž  EFL Classroom 2.0                  (

ž  Blogs                                       (

ž  Webinars                                (

ž  Online conferences               ( see links over page

ž  Online workshops                  (



Connect with Us









Useful links

Twitter Hashtags & Chats

AusELT 1st Thurs/month #AusELT
ELTchat Every Wednesday #ELTchat
EAPchat Every 2nd Monday #EAPchat
AsiaELT Every 2nd Tuesday #AsiaELT    
KELTChat Every 2nd Sunday #KELTchat  


ELTPics – a really useful resource – photos shared by teachers from around the world and organised by category to be used in classrooms.


Webinars & Other Free Online CPD

The following organisations offer free webinars for teachers on a huge



ELT Bloggers

There are too many terrific blogs to recommend them all, but here are some lists you can consult to find some other teachers recommend:


More about Connecting




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