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Wed ALDinHE conference 2017

Lynne Cook  Acadmeic Skills consultant, University of Salford,  Manchester library

1045am 11:45

Yes and …’ using improvisation techniques in teaching confidence- building to students for public speaking

Sit in a circle of trust

Based on action research and improv experience outside of work. Improvisation uses underpinning training to build confidence with students.  A performance format which differs from stand up comedy.  More popular in USA than UK.

Viola Spolin (1963): Improvisation for the Theatre

Keith Johnstone (1979): useful for power relationship exploration in teacher-student-student relationships

Transferable skills:

“Yes And …”   positive reinforcement/mindset/’fail cheerfully’ with no mistake (Barker, 2016)

Make each other look good

theatre skills: use of space, body language and projection

Exercises with students:

  1. Name and letter of animal, mime and sound

2. clapping game in a circle to increase eye contact – you must clap in time and pass it on in the circle

round two: you can pass it back

round 3: across the circle to increase eye contact

3. sentence game in two lines – given relationship between two and must be concise – one sentence from left partner, other partner reacts.  Learn to choose the best words to improvise and communicate information

Dr Carina Buckley, midday

 Blended learning by default

Developing teaching excellence (hopefully ) at a distance

Roll out of Moodle and hurdles the developers have had to overcome.  They used VLE but the first time to integrate Moodle – tab layout across the top,

events, key contacts, recent activity and activities on the left.

Kate Swinton  University of Northhampton Learning resources

Teaching Academic skills using a blended model: how good is it really?

Good Moodle layout with skills for learning on left tab.

70% online and 35 Ss in class/parallel sessions x6.

Large cohorts 2-300 but cannot put lectures on line.

Have to interact online – learning activity outside of the classroom.

Student feedback after roll out of online learning was students wanted face to face.  After face to face they complained their grades didn’t go up enough (B+ should have been A- in their view!)  8 Learning developers for the cohort.

Students are happy to do online learning but if not presented correctly or embedded/correlated in the best way, they are very critical – very similar to US study!

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